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QR codes are used for medical purposes

QR codes have gained popularity around the world. They are used in all spheres of a human activity, helping him to get quick access to the information of his interest, for convenience of making purchases and payment of bank receipts. This is an excellent instrument of advertising, which is capable to increase the number of sales and clients and also to interest users of smartphones to learn more about the vendor, origin and the process of production of goods. Recently a QR code has started to be often used for medical purposes. Thus, it is possible to specify some the most popular ways of using QR technologies in medicine.

1. A QR code on medical records.
Some clinics use a QR code for storage and further use of medical information in the digital form. This service can help to avoid loss of important medical data of the patient and will allow to get quick, timely access to the life important information on the ill person. A QR code can also serve as an up-to-date instrument for billing of the medical assistance in the clinic. It will allow settling an issue with insurance and to pay the required bills.

2. A QR code on medical prescriptions and recipes
Recently it is often possible to see images of two dimensional barcodes on package of medicine and medical prescriptions. For example, a QR code is used to control the quality and registration of vaccine in the Electronic health record (HER) in the USA. A two dimensional barcode helps to collect important information on the vaccine itself, the date of its production and the expiration date and to download this data automatically into the system. And in Australia a QR code on prescriptions, prescribed by a doctor for a certain patient, helps him to pre-order the medicine he needs at the pharmacy and to collect it at suitable time using capabilities of his smartphone.

3. A QR code for control of correct taking of medicine
Developers of mobile applications are ready to introduce a range of mobile solutions to modern users, which will help a patient to adhere to the prescribed schedule of taking medicine and not to forget to do it at the specified time. A user of a smartphone can independently set the rhythm of taking medicine that was prescribed for him and the period he needs to use it in settings of the application and he will receive timely notifications.

4. A QR code on medical bracelets
Such two dimensional barcode can help to save a human’s life in the emergency situation. There can be encoded the information on the blood type of the person, his illnesses and allergies to certain medicine and also other medical features of the owner of the modern accessory. To give first aid and not to harm a person, a rescuer or a doctor needs to scan an image of a QR code on the bracelet and he will be able at once to see the medical profile of the patient.

Some people don’t like wearing bracelets and prefer a more unusual way to tell important medical information, for example, in case of an accident. They make tattoos in the shape of a QR code. Such tattoo marks can be temporary and become less noticeable over time. Their main advantage can be the fact that it is impossible to lose them.

5.QR codes on medical devices and exercise equipment
Producers of devices for medical procedures have started to put two dimensional barcodes to medical devices in order that patients could use them to improve their health and couldn’t injure themselves. As a rule, a QR code contains the manual, which a user can watch in a convenient way directly on his mobile device and also the link to the video instruction in the internet.

A QR code on exercise equipment can help a person to understand what initial position he should take to get pressure to the right group of muscles and not to get hurt while doing the physical exercise. The video material, created by experienced instructors, will help a user of a smartphone to be healthy and strong.

6. A QR code on food
Food has great importance for our health. Using QR codes of food products helps consumers to control the food intake and eat only fresh, good quality products, producers of which can publicly show the information on their origin and the process of production.

A QR code in the menu of restaurants will help clients to control products that are used for cooking and their caloric content independently. This information will be useful for those people who have food allergy or who have to keep to a diet.

7. A QR code for advertising of medical services and centers
A QR code is an effective instrument of marketing, which can successfully promote the services of a clinic. Having seen an image of the code on the advertising leaflet, smartphone users can scan it to learn about the services of the medical center, the doctors working there and their qualification. Going by the link to the site of the organization, it will be possible to see prices there and to arrange a visit to a doctor by means of your smartphone.

These are the most popular ways of application of QR technologies for medical purposes which one more time emphasizes the universality and popularity of them.

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QR codes are used for medical purposes

QR codes have gained popularity around the world. They are used in all spheres of a human activity, helping him to get quick access to the information of his interest, for convenience of making purchases and payment of bank receipts.

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