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QR codes are used at the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival for convenience of music fans

On these days all lovers of good jazz music can enjoy it at the annual action Creekside Blues & Jass Festival. This musical event has already been conducted for 15 times in the heart of the small city of Gahanna in the State of Ohio, in the Creekside Park. This year the festival is being conducted from the 14-16th of June and all the people who want to get a charge of positive emotions have a chance do it.

The organizers of Creekside Blues & Jass Festival this year have decided to introduce an innovation that will help all the visitors of the musical event to learn more about the festival itself. QR codes have become this innovation. This modern mobile technology, which provides smartphone owners with an opportunity to get the required information in a matter of seconds. The organizers of the festival have made a decision to use QR codes as this is a simple and cheap way to make it so the visitors could be aware about all the events that were planned within the festival. To learn about the intentions of organizers a user of a modern mobile device needs to download and install the application for scanning of QR codes on his mobile phone or a tablet, then to direct a camera to the image of the code and having access to the internet to go by the link to the site of the festival Creekside Blues & Jass Festival. It should be mentioned that users don’t need to install any special applications, developed by the organizers, for scanning of QR codes.

QR codes provide users with the important information about the schedule of the festival and about the declared groups, which will appear at several stages. More than 90 hours of good music in blues and jazz styles will be offered to visitors. There was a zone for guests of the festival who came with children, where kids can try to play different musical instruments and probably to perform something in the jazz style under the guidance of the experienced jazz musicians.

Having scanned a QR code, visitors will learn about that they can be the viewers of not only the recognized musicians, but of their growing change. The organizers have provided an opportunity to the rising stars also to show themselves and probably to make a loud name of them.

Smartphone owners can learn about what snacks, drinks and other tasty dishes they can taste. QR codes will provide them access to the menus of different vendors.

According to Jaclyn Meade, the representative of Gahanna Convention and Visitors Bureau, QR codes are an ideal way to provide visitors of the musical festival with full information on it. They are simple in use and are rather popular around the world, that’s why owners of smartphones have already known how to use them. The appliance of QR codes help organizers to create comfortable conditions for visitors so they had opportunity to learn about the program of the festival, performers and entertainment in a convenient for them form and probably to save the received data at their mobile devices. Users of smartphones will get an interactive map of the festival with the indication of places, where the musical stages will be located, and the schedule of shuttle, which will go between them. It will be possible to scan QR codes in many places, where it is supposed to be crowded.

According to people, who have already amanged to visit Creekside Blues & Jass Festival, it is impossible to miss this event. Admirers of jazz music have received a great amount of unforgettable emotions and will be waiting for new and new impressions as the festival is still going on. Many lovers of music have come to the festival with their families and are glad that the organizers of Creekside Blues & Jass Festival improve it year by year and create comfortable conditions for resting and this year they have used QR codes for convenience of visitors.

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