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Light QR graffiti is a new kind of street art

The graduate student of the Texas A&M university Jessica Krannitz is fond of creation of unusual pictures. Her main instruments are not brushes and paints, but LED strips and a camera with good optical exposure. Jessica creates QR graffiti, which she offers to view to smartphone owners at places that are uncustomary for art installations by having scanned a QR code.

Soon a creative artist will become a Master of Fine Arts and now she is working on her graduate work on visualization. The girl has been working on creation of unique pictures for several years, which in her opinion are a new kind of street art. She paints her pictures with the light. Not all passersby in streets have free access to them, but only some of them, who have managed to find a green sticker with a QR code, can see unique QR graffiti. The author of the project has decided to create an unusual installation of her artworks and to turn the process of meeting with her art into a captivating game which is similar to a treasure hunt. For this purpose she creates stickers with a QR code of a green color. Every user of a mobile device with the installed QR scanner can get access to photo pictures and video materials on creation of this piece of art.

The photo artist claims that she creates her pictures spontaneously. As a rule, it is dark premises or rooms with the limited access of light. Jessica likes to create her pictures in bathrooms. According to the author, these rooms are the last place where people expect to see works of art, and she, on the contrary, views much interesting and unusual in creation of pictures in bathrooms. For example, it is possible to see some of such unusual works in the office building, where Jessica works on her project, by scanning green QR code on ladies and gents rooms.

The process of creation of QR graffiti isn’t very difficult and it is easy to find similar amateur pictures in the internet, however, the creative approach and professionalism of the photographer make it clear that these are not just photos painted with the torch in darkness, but a true modern piece of art. For creation of the picture by means of light you need to have good photo equipment, which is capable to catch the way of light ray and the track it makes in the dark. To have such effect photo artists use a tripod, where they set a camera in order the equipment is fixed in one position and don’t move. And the main thing for creation of an interesting picture it is an opportunity to set the longest shutter speed, the time the shutter needs so that the matrix of the camera could catch the movement of light in darkness and display its track at the picture. Jessica Krannitz set the shutter speed from five seconds to one minute, which as a result allowed her to create magnificent, fantastic images by means of color LED stripes.

Sometimes the achievement of the desired result at the display can take about an hour. Then the author of QR graffiti edits the photos she has received in Photoshop, puts them in the internet and creates a unique QR code sticker of her new creation. It is the entrance ticket to the world of unusual images, created in usual, customary to everyone places. A man can even be unsuspicious of that he is in the place, where a piece of magic has been recently created in the form of QR graffiti.

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