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It becomes easier to buy Christmas and New Year presents at Tesco with the help of QR codes

The largest retail network of Great Britain the Tesco company has pleased its customers having presented to them an opportunity to make holiday purchases in a simple and convenient way. On the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays many people hurry to buy presents for their dearest people and friends, but they don’t have enough much time to do shopping unhurriedly and to look through a wide range of goods, which department stores and supermarkets are ready to introduce to consumer’s attention. Using possibilities of modern mobile technologies, since now it is possible to buy goods at Tesco by means of a mobile phone scanning a QR code.

Interactive stores of the Tesco company appeared at 11 Metro stations around Great Britain in December. The show-window of the up-to-date virtual store looks like an attractive display with images of goods and an icon of a QR code. The latest technology allows a smartphone owner to scan the code of goods and then he will be able to get additional information about it. Representatives of Tesco have taken care of that so to create the most convenient conditions for buying New Year and Christmas presents at their stores and in order every client would be pleased with his purchase. For these purposes they offer their clients to use the innovative service of augmented reality. Having scanned the QR code of the goods you have liked, a user can see the object of potential purchase at the display of his mobile device as augmented reality. It can help to see goods from different sides and be convinced that it is exactly what he is looking for.

In such a way, customers don’t need to go shopping for hours to real stores, standing in queues to please their dearest people. Interactive displays of Tesco stores at the stations are ready to offer top-sellers, the most popular toys for children and household goods, which it is accepted to present on holidays, to passengers of metro. Scanning the code at the display of such a store, a smartphone user can look through interesting and great deals on his mobile device on the go or during his trip in the metro car and make the order in a convenient and quick way. He will be able to collect his order at one of the Tesco stores on the following day.

The business competition among stores on the eve of holidays is very intensive as each company and businessmen want to attract more customers in order to sell their goods and get good income. Many companies use modern possibilities of QR technologies as this is an attractive and effective method to burst interest of consumers and increase the number of sales. A QR code can appeal a buyer to become a participant of the draw of valuable prizes, to get useful information on goods, their producers and origin. A QR code allows making mobile payments in a matter of seconds that, undoubtedly, attracts people who know the value of his free time and are pleased to have an opportunity to use modern technologies for their convenience. The Tesco company has offered its customers even more improved technology. Using a QR code, a user can view any virtual goods as an augmented reality due to achievements of modern mobile technologies.

The stores, where it is possible to buy goods scanning the QR code, are located on such metro stations as Newcastle Eldon Square, Bristol Broadmead, Canterbury, Gravesend, Harlow and Peterborough. It is only 11 locations at the moment, where smartphone users can buy presents for holidays in such unusual way. However, the augmented reality will be available only at Kensington High Street in London, Birmingham Caxton, Manchester, Cardiff and Liverpool Metro stations.

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