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General Motors placed the QR code on the popular Chevrolet model

The largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world has decided to use advantages of QR codes in its new campaign for popularization of its new model of Chevrolet.

The company General Motors is one of the biggest and most successful automobile corporations in the USA, producing such well known models as Cadillac, Chevrolet and Opel at the production line. Despite of the hard times the carmaker has managed to hold its positions at the world market and continues to supply high-class machines. It has become possible due to employees of the company, who have been trying to use in their work the latest achievements of engineering and progress in the course of many years. And still now, they developers of General Motors have decided to use them in their new project having paid attention to the growing popularity of QR codes and also to the effectiveness of their use in advertisement and in the sphere of mobile marketing.

The automobile corporation has decided to use all the potential of mobile marketing and the campaign with QR codes is just the first steps for gaining the point. Some cars produced by the company General Motors are popular among agencies engaged in car rent. It is possible to specify Chevrolet Malibu among such models, which perfectly suits for trips around a city and in the country. The developers of the corporation have made their mind to place QR codes to this car in order to increase its demand among buyers. The company also plans to put black and white squares and to other models produced by their factories. The QR codes on cars will allow users to meet closer the vehicle and learn much interesting information about it.

After the owner of a modern mobile device has scanned the QR code that is on a Malibu car, he was automatically directed to the official site of the company Chevrolet. Having visited the internet portal it is possible to find much useful information on models of vehicles produced by this famous trademark. They have created a personal page for each car the same as for Malibu, where specifications, the detailes of interiors, peculiarities of construction and other interesting data of definite models are specified. Having scanned the QR code it is also possible to know the addresses of the nearest dealer centers, where you can buy a vehicle of Chevrolet brand and the approximate prices for various complications.

The developers of General Motors consider that QR codes on cars are an excellent instrument for increase of sales and correspondingly the growth of the company’s income. The use of QR technologies allows consumers to know better the vehicle, without any assistance of consultants. A virtual exhibition hall is created due to the QR codes and by using a mobile device it is possible to view attentively the car not only outside but also inside and to learn all the specifications in details too. As the cars, which are used in the rent service, are used by a big number of consumers for a rather short period of time it provides the good promotion of Chevrolet Malibu with the QR codes. Any user of a modern mobile device can know closer this vehicle by scanning the QR code and being just in front of it to evaluate not only the external characteristics, but also what is inside of it.

The new project with the QR codes will also be useful and for the owners of agencies engaged in car rent. Thus, according to the idea of the developers the QR codes will be placed on the vehicles that are let on hire, the businessmen can scan the QR codes in order to know the car more in and out. It will allow agencies to offer cars to their clients taking into consideration all their demands, based on the information received by means of QR codes.

Many owners of modern mobile devices when they see QR codes don’t lose an opportunity to learn what information hides behind these black and white squares. The employees of the company General Motors believe that the attractive design of Chevrolet Malibu will encourage common passersby to come to the car and to scan the QR code in order to learn more about it.

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