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Bitingduck Press sells eBooks using QR codes

The representatives of the Canadian publishing house have decided to use modern mobile technologies to increase the demand of books and articles that are issued in the electronic form.

The company called Bitingduck Press was created in 2012 with the purpose to provide people who are interested in mathematics, physics and other sciences and the lives of famous scientists also, printed and eBooks of high quality and low price. The employees of the publishing house that is situated in the Canadian city of Montreal, from the very beginning of their work tried to use the latest innovations in the sphere of electronic technologies and couldn’t miss the fact that the popularity of QR codes grows day by day. They have decided to use QR codes in their new project to promote their books and at the same time to support the local business as they consider that at the present moment they are the most effective way of solution of the target tasks.

This new campaign is the synthesis of the previously applied service called WebBytez and QR codes by the company Bitingduck Press. The developers within this project create special cards which are indented for advertising of publications. These cards look like a cover of the book which they perform and their personal unique QR code form one side and there is a short description of the certain book content from the other side. Then the cards are distributed among books shops that are in cooperation with the Bitingduck Press company, where any person who wants can take them absolutely free. Thus, the publishing house got an opportunity to sell its eBooks also at the usual permanent shops that significantly increased the income of the company. In turn the readers who prefer publications in the digital form due to QR codes got an easy and convenient way to buy the book they have liked by means of their mobile device.

After the reader scanned a QR code at the card he got, the site of the Bitingduck Press, which is optimized for mobile devices, was automatically opened at his smartphone or a tablet. A user needs to enter his payment information and the sum necessary for making purchase of the publication at the provided internet page and after the certain transactions had been conducted he got the desired book in the digital form. Straight after the QR code was scanned and the book was bought the publisher gets the information on the salesperson who has given the card to the buyer. In consideration of the fruitful cooperation, a book shop received a certain amount of money from the company Bitingduck Press for every sold unit. Thus it becomes profitable to distribute cards with QR codes for the publishing house the same as for businessmen which are in cooperation. The fact that many users recently prefer buying eBooks to their printed analogues makes the business the Bitingduck Press company is engaged in very profitable. According to the results of the researches it has become known that the number of books sold around the world in the electronicl form has become for the first time bigger than the number of the printed issues. It is connected with the big breakthrough in the development of mobile technologies and the fact that day by day there are more consumers who use modern mobile devices.

In order not to be missed among a large number of internet services providing electronic issues, it is necessary for companies to monitor the technical progress and to use new inventions in the sphere of mobile technologies. The appliance of QR codes makes Bitingduck press attractive for readers and also helps usual book shops to stay the course and also to get profit from sales of eBooks.

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