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An Intelligent Garbage Disposal by means of QR codes

Nowadays environmental protection is an important problem demanding up-to-date and immediate decisions from population of the planet. A QR code is an excellent instrument of mobile technologies that is capable to provide effective information and functional support.

People used to do things, which day by day destroy the ecosystem of the region where they live which as a result leads to irreversible changes in nature around the world. Ecologists from all countries think over the problem how to draw as more as possible public attention to rules and rates of rational use of natural resources. A perfect example of this can be the project of Plant Green Ideas, where an image of a QR code was placed to huge flowerbeds in the shape of a human head with simple useful advice on careful attitude to natural resources for passersby.

However, not only this problem alarms ecologists around the world. Modern people try to create the most comfortable conditions at home and at work for themselves, but they don’t worry much about cleanness of streets. As it is often possible to see such situation: having removed a wrapper from a candy, a passerby throws it away under his feet and goes further or when a car driver throws away a cigarette box out of the window of his car on the go and goes further without any worry. An outstanding solution of this problem was offered some years ago in New York, when city residents were offered to scan a QR code on the side of the sanitation trucks and in such a way to get access to the information video clip. It told about that they have arranged The Green Apple organization in the city. It is a sanitation police, whose main duty is to make new rules in streets of the city and to strengthen control over unruly elements, which intentionally pollute city streets, and these rules were offered to learn to owners of smartphones.

QR codes on garbage bags

And inhabitants of a small Chinese city Hangzhou have decided to work on the problem of correct utilization, distribution and recycling of wastes. Scientists have already long time ago ascertained the fact that it is necessary to separate garbage in home conditions according to that whether it can be recycled or not. It helps significantly to reduce spends of natural resources on production of articles of daily use without which a modern person can’t imagine his comfortable life. Based on this fact, the management of the Chinese city has made decision to arrange a project under the name ‘Intelligent Garbage Disposal’. The use of QR technologies has become a feature of this project. So, residents of one of the streets called Shiba Street were given two packs of garbage bags with individual QR codes of each house owner. One pack of bags was aimed for food wastes and another one for the rest garbage.

Following the simple principles of eco-friendly behavior, people separated wastes in two different containers in home conditions. Coming to the certain place, a local some kind of garbage reception station, residents were offered to scan a QR code on their garbage bag with the help of equipment that was installed especially for this purpose. The hardware scanned the information on the type of the garbage inside the bag and the name of the person, who brought it.

The organizers of the project ‘Intelligent Garbage Disposal’ have decided not only to monitor the correct utilization of garbage, but to encourage people who participate in the project. Scanning a QR code on the garbage bag, residents of Hangzhou could receive bonuses. If a participant of the project fulfilled in good faith all conditions and collected wastes in the correct way, he received “green points”, which he could spend on internet purchases in the supermarket. The accumulated points could be turned into discounts on all kinds of goods at a certain outlet.

A QR code is actively used for environmental protection, its effective appliance probably will soon make us think over rational use of natural resources and this will make the world around us a little bit cleaner.

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