Liquid Crystal Thermometer with a QR code

The LCR Hallcrest company is an international leader of Color Change Temperature Technology and Graphics. It is known that its experts work over the formulation and compositions and further microsealing of liquid crystal mixes, creation of production which is capable to change color, for example, the company successfully produces pigments, inks and paints.

'One Swipe' of SecurEnvoy uses QR codes to log

The SecurEnvoy company which is engaged in development of software has offered to users’ attention an opportunity of remote access to the information of the corporate network of an organization having created a unique system of protection using QR codes.

Innovative smart technologies at Spanish restaurants

Representatives of the restaurant business are ready to invent and use more and more technologies and devices in struggle for attention of clients. So they were among the first who have started to use modern mobile technologies to interest passersby with their menu and peculiar specialties from the chef.

QR codes will change ink stamps on documents in Ukraine

According to analysts, computer and mobile technologies have greatly changed the life of modern people. Their influence increases day by day, they bring comfort to users and significantly simplify their life, due to which they win more and more popularity.

'Motion QR' is a new form of a QR code

A breakthrough of modern technologies that was called “Motion QR” was presented at the annual conference Money 2020, which this year was conducted in the city of Las Vegas. It was created by the leading European company Cellum, which is engaged in development of applications for conduction of mobile payments.

QR codes are used in project 'The portal of interactive studying' for prosecution authorities

The first participants of the course based on the system of distance learning in the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine, who started their studying process in September, have already received their diplomas on the 1st of October, which confirm the advanced training.

Tie up your business card as a tie with QRTie project

A group of creative people from Los Angeles have generated an interesting idea. They have different professions and they work in different places, however the desire to invent something new and extraordinary unites them together.

QR codes in streets of Birobidzhan

According to the regional news agency EAOmedia, which watches the events and news of Birobidzhan, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and the Far East, tablets with QR codes have appeared in streets of the main city of the region at the beginning of October.

QR code has become a part of the carpet design

The result of long and laborious work of a French artist Jonathan Bréchignac is pictures of extraordinary beauty drawn manually and created in the form of a Muslim carpet for prayers. Bréchignac is an art-director of a design studio Joe&Nathan in Paris.

Successful QR projects of Heinz company

An American food company Heinz is one of the first who began using QR codes and can be proud of several successful marketing campaigns with their use. Such positive experience can be a great example of that there is no reason to be afraid to implement new, modern methods of drawing attention of customers to the product and the company’s activity, which can benefit and help to reach the target goals.

Mobile wallet Ipaymu and QR codes increase sales in Indonesia

Nowadays the majority of payment transactions in Indonesia are conducted by means of cash. However, modern technical solutions soon will be able to change this situation. Recently an e-wallet Ipaymu was introduced to citizens of the country, which will help to draw attention of smartphone users with the possibility to make mobile payments by means of QR technologies and will probably increase the popularity of cashless payments.

QR codes are used for medical purposes

QR codes have gained popularity around the world. They are used in all spheres of a human activity, helping him to get quick access to the information of his interest, for convenience of making purchases and payment of bank receipts.

New opportunities with the mobile wallet of FIS based on QR codes

Mobile payments become popular around the world. Many banks and financial institutions create special applications for smartphones due to which clients can make transactions by means of their mobile devices.

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