QR codes provide access to electronic poll books

The solution to improve the voting system and apply modern mobile technologies to simplify the process of registration and taking part in elections was accepted in a small town of Crown Point in the Lake County, the state of Indiana.

Posh collars for pets with QR codes

Many people like having pets, which become members of their families and are always happy to meet their masters at home with a pleasant meowing or joyful wagging of a tail after a hard working day. They help to relax from a stressful situation at work or a long trip in transport and are ready to share their warmth and devotion.

QR code Halloween costume

Soon many people from different countries on different continents will celebrate Halloween. This modern holiday goes back to traditions of ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland and was initially celebrated in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

TruTag Technology will protect against counterfeit

The counterfeit of medicine, food and other goods annually causes huge damage to producers and also damage to health of consumers. There is a great number of methods how to fight effectively against this problem.

‘SBB GoodBox’ is a service with QR codes for commuters

The desire to simplify business, high-stress life of a modern person and reduce the time he daily spends on household problems is one of the prior goals which are set by successful businessmen. Having created comfortable conditions for making purchases or getting qualified services, they win consumers’ attention, who further use them with pleasure saving time and thus money.

QR codes on pharmaceutical package provide access to video instructions

A leading global diversified pharmaceutical company Sanofi develops and supplies therapeutic solutions for health of its patients. Staff of the company is ready to satisfy needs of the clients using the latest technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

QR code can store information for a million of years

At all times and in different corners of our planet people tried to find the way to store and transfer the information they possessed. As a result now we have petroglyphs, ancient manuscripts and historical objects with elements of writing.

A Cam Mouse can scan QR codes

Modern technologies don't stand still. Day by day we can watch the emergence of new and new technical devices and gadgets aimed to improve our life and make it even more comfortable. QR codes are particularly popular among up-to-date mobile technologies and are an effective and inexpensive instrument mobile commerce.

QR codes on resume

Recently it is possible to see an image of a QR code almost at every turn. More often they are used by marketers and advertising agencies for promotion purposes to draw consumer’s attention and tell more about their goods and services.

QR codes are used in promotional campaigns of chocolate products

The Jaguar Land Rover Day event was conducted in the spirit of English traditions this year in the capital of Russia. The ambassador of Great Britain in the Russian Federation Timothy Barrow opened the doors to the ancient residence of the embassy of his country.

Mobile wallet Ipaymu and QR codes increase sales in Indonesia

Nowadays the majority of payment transactions in Indonesia are conducted by means of cash. However, modern technical solutions soon will be able to change this situation. Recently an e-wallet Ipaymu was introduced to citizens of the country, which will help to draw attention of smartphone users with the possibility to make mobile payments by means of QR technologies and will probably increase the popularity of cashless payments.

QR codes are used for medical purposes

QR codes have gained popularity around the world. They are used in all spheres of a human activity, helping him to get quick access to the information of his interest, for convenience of making purchases and payment of bank receipts.

New opportunities with the mobile wallet of FIS based on QR codes

Mobile payments become popular around the world. Many banks and financial institutions create special applications for smartphones due to which clients can make transactions by means of their mobile devices.

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